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  • New Year, New Norm | 28-Day Challenge & Guide

    28 videos  |   Buy $29.99

    A brand-new year filled with potential and possibilities is just beginning. Let's start it off right by committing to take care of our bodies, minds, spirits... and each other! Together, we are going to sweat smart, eat healthy, rest well, and make self-care a priority starting with these 28 videos.

  • Home for the Holidays | 12-Day Challenge & Guide

    12 videos  |   Buy $19.99

    Tis the season to get fit! Start your journey with Brooke Burke’s Home for the Holidays program. 12 fitness videos and a digital handbook filled with nutrition tips, recipes and more to get you through the season.

  • Summer SlimDown 2021

    28 videos  |   Buy $29.99

    This year’s Summer SlimDown is a specifically curated collection of our favorite and most popular programs. We’re featuring these workouts because you love them... they’re effective... and we want to celebrate our community’s commitment to creating positive change.

    Brooke put together these week...

  • 28-Day Quaran-TONE Challenge & Guide

    29 videos  |   Buy $29.99

    Stressed about being stuck at home and all the craziness that is 2020? We got you covered. The 28-Day Quaran-TONE Challenge is our way to help you take control of your day-to-day and create the “new normal” you want for yourself. This is a chance to cast away any negative habits, reflect on what ...