Plans and Programs

Plans and Programs

Here are our favorite fitness plans & programs! These programs take all the thinking out of your workouts. Just choose a challenge and commit! If you want the fitness and nutrition guide that goes along with our programs, visit our website and download your free PDF guides today!

Plans and Programs
  • New Year, ReNEW Week 3

    5 videos

    Day 1: Super Sexy, Super Set
    Day 2: Chair Barre Burn
    Day 3: Cardio Abs + Booty Sculpt
    Day 4: Stretch & Sculpt
    Day 5: Cardio Dance Party + Cardio Abs

  • New Year, ReNEW | Week 2

    6 videos

    Day 1: Cardio Dance Party
    Day 2: Super Sexy, Super Set
    Day 3: Killer Core
    Day 4: Chair Barre Burn
    Day 5: Cardio Abs + Booty Sculpt
    Day 6: Stretch & Sculpt

  • New Year, ReNEW | Program & Guide

    Movie + 11 extras

    Welcome to our new, all-encompassing, fitness and wellness program: New Year, ReNEW!

    Get ready for a motivating mix of fun-tastic workouts – including HIIT, cardio, barre, yoga, toning, strengthening, and everything in-between!
    We’ll also be serving up yummy recipes for the whole family, regimen...

  • Holiday Handful Program & Guide

    Movie + 9 extras

    This season, we are simplifying fitness to help ease your holiday stress and get you into your best shape before we kiss 2021 goodbye! The Holiday Handful is a collection of 5 of my favorite moves for targeting, toning, & sculpting every part of your beautiful body!

    Feel free to stack any of the...

  • New Year, New Norm 2021 | Challenge & Guide

    28 videos

    A brand-new year filled with potential and possibilities is just beginning. Let's start it off right by committing to take care of our bodies, minds, spirits... and each other! Together, we are going to sweat smart, eat healthy, rest well, and make self-care a priority starting with these 28 videos.

  • Summer SlimDown 2021

    28 videos

    Join Brooke for this transformative workout program just in time for summer.

    This year’s Summer Slim Down is a specifically curated collection of our favorite and most popular programs. We’re featuring these workouts because you love them... they’re effective... and we want to celebrate our com...

  • LOVE.U Valentine's 4-Day Fitness Challenge

    4 videos

    Join Brooke and friends as she's celebrates Valentine's Day with this sweet 4-Day Fitness Challenge.

  • Special Mother's Day Body Sculpt Flow

    Join Brooke for this special Mother's Day workout. It's a low-impact workout and zero equipment is needed, so the entire family can join. Enjoy!

  • 28-Day Quaran-TONE Challenge

    29 videos

  • 4-week Booty Challenge

    20 videos

    Ready to get that bubble booty? Join Brooke for daily glute-specific exercises that will lift, tighten, and shape every angle of your glutei. Just 10 minutes a day for one month will transform your butt to bubble booty status.

  • 4-week Ab Attack Challenge

    20 videos

  • 20 Mins 20 Moves

    5 videos

    20 Mins. 20 Moves. Let's go!

  • Christine Bullock: Evolution 20 Program

    10 videos

    Christine Bullock's Evolution 20 program will help you sculpt a lean physique, develop your athletic abilities, increase energy, and achieve health from the inside out. Just 20 minutes a day. Let's HIIT it!!

    Evolution 20 includes 2 phases. The workouts gradually increase overall strength and bal...

  • Take 5
    3 videos

    Take 5

    3 videos

    A brand-new program to tone, tighten and sculpt our bodies! 5 Moves. 5 Minutes. Let's go!!

  • 5-5-5 Booty Challenge

    5 videos

    Welcome to the 5-5-5 Booty Challenge! Let's tone, sculpt & lift our glutes! 5 Days, 5 Minutes, 5 Moves. Are you ready?

  • Brooke Burke Body x FabFitFun

    6 videos

    Brooke Burke Body and Fab Fit Fun collaborated on this special set of sliders workouts! Grab your sliders and get ready to SWEAT.

  • Summer Slim Down 2019

    28 videos

  • Summer Slim Down 2018

    29 videos

    Here it is! Your 2018 Summer Slim Down! Let's crush it!

  • #BBNYNY18 Challenge!

    9 videos

  • Home for the Holidays | Challenge & Guide

    12 videos

    Tis the season to get fit! Start your journey with Brooke Burke’s Home for the Holidays program. 12 fitness videos and a digital handbook filled with nutrition tips, recipes and more to get you through the season.

  • Holiday Handful

    35 videos

    Here it is! Your Holiday Handful Workouts! 5 Weeks of workouts. Let's crush it!

  • 8 Mins With Jorge Cruise (Beginner Burn Series)

    8 videos

    A series of 8-minute workouts designed for beginners! Everyone has 8 minutes to spare.